Kylie Jenner just shared a glimpse at her son for first time

The Kardashians fans are obsessed with the cute little snippet Kylie Jenner just shared of her son, who is not called Wolf.

After welcoming her second child with Travis Scott in February, Kylie has been uncharacteristically private about their little boy. After announcing his name as Wolf, the 24-year-old later revealed it actually didn't suit him, and so they were changing it - but didn't reveal what they were changing it to.

Since then, Ky has kept schtum about all details relating to Stormi Webster's little sibling, not only refusing to share his new name, but keeping him relatively hidden from social media.

Until now, that is.

Kylie took to her Instagram grid to share a little insight into family life, which included a photo of her sat by a swimming pool with her son lying on his back between her legs. "home 🦋🦋" she added in the caption.

Fans understandable went wild for the glimpse at her, with one writing, "Finally some baby content 😍" and someone else adding, "Omggggg ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️" Someone else put, "That first pic 😍" and someone else said "cutest baby pic ever."

Other comments were more interested in finding out her son's new name. "Just say his name Kylie it’s not that deep" someone joked, while another said, "What is this baby’s name, Kylie enough."

Photo credit: Marc Piasecki - Getty Images
Photo credit: Marc Piasecki - Getty Images

Once you're ready to share Ky, we'll be ready to hear.

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