Kyle Lowry hates playing against Fred VanVleet

Miami Heat guard Kyle Lowry discusses watching the growth of former Raptors teammates from afar and why he dislikes playing against Fred VanVleet.

Video Transcript

- Kyle, Fred had said that you're still watching pretty much all the Raptors' games. Why is that important for you [INAUDIBLE]? And maybe, what's it like just to watch it, see it from the other side?

KYLE LOWRY: They're my guys. I said earlier, they-- Freddy's a little-- like my little brother. I talk to him every other day, twice, three times a week, four times a week maybe. Depends on the [INAUDIBLE].

And OG, Pascal, Chris Boucher, those guys are guys that I've been knowing now since they've been in the NBA. And I'm just happy to be able to be a part of their successes in their career. And I just keep-- I love to watch them be more successful and grow and continue to build their legacy, their career. [INAUDIBLE] their families. And I just wanted to be big brother, who's really proud of these little brothers.

- Kyle, Freddy said that he enjoys playing against you.


- Do you enjoy playing against him?

KYLE LOWRY: No. I love playing against him. He's one of the most competitive players [INAUDIBLE] ever. From day one in training camp picking up full court, picking me up full court, joining me to shoot before training camp practices, and just learning he's a guy that. like, his career, his path is gonna be a story just gonna continue to be one of the greatest stories in NBA history because he's gonna continue to get better.

And for me to know him and to be a part of that, I hate playing against him. But I love playing at the same time. Thank you, guys.

- Thanks, Kyle.