KY judge suspended after charges of ethics violations in her son’s drug cases

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A Kentucky judge charged with violating ethics rules will be suspended with pay until the complaint is resolved.

The state Judicial Conduct Commission announced the suspension of Judge Julie Hawes Gordon on Friday. The action is effective at the end of the work day Friday.

Gordon said in a statement issued by her attorney, R. Kent Westberry, that she agreed to the suspension to minimize disruptions to people appearing in court and to attorneys who need to schedule hearings.

During the suspension, Gordon is not to perform any duties as judge, access or use any court resources or go to the judicial center.

Gordon is a family court judge in Daviess County.

The Judicial Conduct Commission issued a number of charges that she took part in misconduct, many of them related to her son, who has had drug problems.

The commission said Gordon abused her position to try to influence charging and bond decisions in her son’s cases, and that she tampered with content on his cell phone and Instagram account to try to protect him.

Other charges include allegations that Gordon improperly threatened to fine social workers; mismanaged her courtroom; had drug tests performed on defendants by unqualified staffers; and was dishonest with the commission.

Gordon has called the allegations frivolous and strongly denied them.

It’s not clear when the commission will resolve the charges. The panel has the power to issue sanctions ranging from a private reprimand to removing a judge from office.

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