Kvika banki hf.: Birkir Jóhannsson new CEO of TM

Kvika banki hf.
Kvika banki hf.

Birkir Jóhannsson has been appointed CEO of TM, Kvika banki‘s subsidiary. Birkir will be replacing Sigurður Viðarsson as he takes up the position of deputy CEO at Kvika.

Birkir has in past years worked as managing director of core operations and digital solutions at VIS Insurance and has substantial work experience within banking, payment solutions and finance. Birkir has previously been employed at Birti Capital Partners, Valitor, Arion bank and Attorneys atHöfðabakki..

Birkir holds a law degree from the University of Iceland and a master’s degree in corporate finance from Reykjavik University. In addition, Birkir has completed a degree in securities trading and is licensed as a district court attorney.

Birkir will be a member of the Kvika group management board.

When the changes, that Kvika banki introduced on 5 December, have been implemented the Kvika group management team will consist of Kvika banki’s management board, the CEO of TM, the CEO of Kvika asset management and the CEO of Kvika Securities in London.

The group management team will subsequently consist of the following members: Marinó Örn Tryggvason (CEO), Sigurður Viðarsson (deputy CEO), Lilja Jensen (General Counsel), Ólöf Jónsdóttir (Managing Director of Commercial Banking), Bjarni Eyvinds (Managing Director of Corporate Banking and Capital Markets), Eiríkur Magnús Jensson (CFO), Anna Rut Ágústsdóttir (Managing Director of Operations and Development), Thomas Skov Jensen (Managing Director of Risk Management), Hannes Frímann Hrólfsson (CEO of Kvika asset management) and Gunnar Sigurðsson (CEO of Kvika Securities in London). Head of Compliance is Erna Heiðrún Jónsdóttir and the Internal Auditor is Ásta Leonhardsdóttir.

Birkir Jónsson, new CEO of TM:

“I am very excited to start my position at TM and get to know the great team of people working for the company. The Icelandic insurance market has been going through a lot of changes during the last few years, coinciding with developments in consumer preference in communication and distribution channels. TM and Kvika are jointly in an ideal market position to take advantage of the market opportunities presented by these changes and I am proud to be a part of that journey.”

Inga Björg Hjaltadóttir, chairman of the Board of TM:

“We are very pleased that Birkir will be joining TM’s strong management team to lead the company’s journey ahead. Birkir’s previous experience is a great fit for carrying out TM’s digitalisation strategy in conjunction with Kvika group’s market leading digital solutions.

At this time, I would also like to thank Sigurður Viðarsson for his work as CEO of TM. Sigurður has successfully led the challenging transformation implemented following the merger of TM and Kvika and it is beneficial to TM that he will have a strong position within the Kvika group as deputy CEO. Sigurður has had a very successful career as CEO of TM over the past 15 years, during which time the company has been a transition leader within the Icelandic insurance market, delivering solid operational results.”