Kurdish women's unique strategy to fight ISIS on 'Full Frontal'

On Full Frontal With Samantha Bee, Sam Bee traveled to Iraqi Kurdistan to learn about the local women’s unique strategy for taking down ISIS. There the Peshmerga Military includes female fighters and was formed to defend their homeland. Bee said, “This battalion of professional ISIS killers are the female Peshmerga. They’ve been kicking ass and taking names since back when Donald Trump was tragically battling bone spurs.”

The reason the Peshmerga was formed was because ISIS wanted to capture Kurdish women. Said one female fighter, “So we trained civilian women how to use weapons.” Bee pondered, “Cool. I went to theater school. They trained me to breathe from my taint.”

Sam Bee also went to the Khazir Refugee Camp, where she saw how these women plan to destroy ISIS from the ground up. Here they educate children and refugees as a way to tackle radical Islam. Bee said, “While most of us can’t imagine a world without brunch, these women are using imagination and education to help create a more peaceful future.”

Then at a nonprofit called the Korani Ankawa Women’s Center, Bee saw how Iraqi and Syrian refugees receive literacy courses. But they don’t just educate women. They also offer men a course on women’s rights. This helps conservative men change their views on women’s rights.

In the end, for these women, the key to fighting ISIS is ultimately education and an investment in women and children. Bee said, “Data shows that the more involved women are in conflict zones, the more likely it is for that area to have long-lasting peace after war.”

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