Kristen Stewart's new movie debuts with 100% Rotten Tomatoes rating

maya erskine, michael angarano, michael cera, kristen stewart, sacramento
Kristen Stewart's new movie lands 100% RT ratingTribeca Film Festival

Kristen Stewart's new movie Sacramento has received an impressive 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, following its debut.

Sacramento is a comedy which follows the tried and tested narrative of two reunited friends taking a last minute trip together.

The official synopsis reads: "When free-spirited Rickey suddenly reappears in father-to-be Glenn’s life, the two former best friends embark on a spontaneous road trip from LA to Sacramento in Michael Angarano's original take on the buddy comedy."

maya erskine, michael angarano, michael cera, kristen stewart, sacramento
Tribeca Film Festival

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A first look image was released earlier this year, before the movie premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival, which runs from June 5 to 16. No UK release date has been announced yet.

According to critics, Sacramento succeeds in telling a charming story of friendship and struggle in a funny, relatable way.

In their review, Deadline wrote: "Its examination of strained friendships, the fear of inadequacy in impending fatherhood, and the importance of mental health conversations are handled with a good balance of care and humor."

The Hollywood Reporter felt more background information was required: "It's through these anecdotes about the past that a real story – a prickly account of arrested development and the awkwardness of growing apart – emerges out of a collection of otherwise engaging enough conversations and solid comedic bits."

kristen stewart, love lies bleeding

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IndieWire noted: "Its casual nature and outward lack of ambition belie how well it manages to convey the terror that change brings into our lives," while Slashfilm said: "Sacramento might just be the funniest – and most charming – surprise of the year."

Alongside Stewart, Sacramento stars Arrested Development's Michael Cera, Mr & Mrs Smith's Maya Erskine, and This Is Us actor Michael Angarano, with Angarano also serving as director.

Meanwhile, Stewart's recent film Love Lies Bleeding also received positive reviews from critics, setting a record for the actor when it was finally released in the UK.

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