Kristen Bell's debut children's book celebrates inclusivity

Actress, producer and mother of two Kristen Bell is making her debut as an author with her new children’s book, The World Needs More Purple People. Bell co-wrote the book with her friend, Benjamin Hart, with one goal in mind — inclusivity.

“We wanted to give kids a roadmap and social identity that looks towards sameness,” she tells Yahoo Entertainment. 

Kristen Bell and Benjamin Hart wrote The World Needs More Purple People. (Photo: Random House)

At the center of the picture book is the idea of purple people, which Bell explains come in every color. It celebrates the things that connect us as humans and encourages children to find their voice. “A purple person uses their voice to help not only themselves but to help other people,” she says. 

The actress chose to make her debut book a children's book, so that adults and kids can read it together. “It was a way to hit both demographics and just create a reminder for everyone of what good people are, and how easy it is to become one,” she explains. Her daughters have already given The World Needs More Purple People “the thumbs up.”

Kristen Bell's new kids' book The World Needs More Purple People. (Photo: Random House)

Bell and husband Dax Shepard are parents to two daughters, Delta, 5, and Lincoln, 7. The actress has been open about the challenges of being both a mom and teacher to her kids during the coronavirus pandemic. She encourages parents to be honest with their kids as everyone navigates this new normal. “What's worked for me is being gentle,” she says. “Be gentle with your kids, be gentle with your spouse, be gentle with your family members.”

She also emphasizes the importance of being gentle with yourself. Bell has chosen to knit a sweater as her at-home, self-care practice. “It is just for me and my sense of accomplishing it and that's been incredibly soothing for me.”

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