Kristen Bell and Ellen DeGeneres’s live action Frozen/Finding Dory crossover is perfect

Since a ‘Frozen’ and ‘Finding Dory’ crossover doesn’t appear to be in pipeline, Kristen Bell and Ellen DeGeneres have taken matters into their own hands and recorded a live-action hybrid of the animated films that’s simply perfect.

What’s even more impressive is that it’s less than a minute long, too. During Kristen Bell’s appearance on ‘The Ellen Show’ the effervescent host decided that it was the perfect opportunity for ‘Frozen’s’ Anna, who Bell voiced, to meet ‘Finding Dory’s’ titular fish, voiced by DeGeneres.

Unfortunately, Dory’s short term memory meant that their friendship got off to something of a rocky start.

After DeGeneres remarked as Dory, “Hi, I’m Dory. Who are you?” Bell responded with, “Hi, Dory. I’m Princess Anna! Do you want to build a snowman?”

This is where the short term memory issues arose, though, as Dory then responded, “Who are you?” This then led to the same comments circling around and around, all of which suggests that a potential feature length crossover involving the pair might become quite tiresome.

You can watch ‘Finding Frozen’ below.

While ‘Finding Dory’, which was released earlier this summer, was itself a sequel to 2003’s ‘Finding Nemo’, ‘Frozen 2′ has already been confirmed and is one the horizon, but we’re still not too sure when it will actually be with us.

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[Images via Disney & The Ellen Show]