Kris Bryant wore lederhosen in Austria, where no one knew who he was

Have you ever thought to yourself “I wonder what Chicago Cubs third baseman Kris Bryant would look like in lederhosen?” If you’ve ever had that thought, or even if you haven’t, this is your lucky day.

While Bryant and his wife, Jessica, were on vacation in Salzburg, Austria, they both donned traditional Austrian clothing. Jessica wore a dirndl, and Kris put on a pair of lederhosen and a very cute hat. Bryant endorses Red Bull, which snapped some photos of the two in their garb. The only thing that’s missing is an accordion.

Kris Bryant tries on lederhosen while on vacation in Austria. (Photo via Red Bull)
Kris Bryant and his wife, Jessica, pose in traditional Austrian clothes while on vacation in Salzburg. (Photo via Red Bull)

And Bryant seemed to enjoy the experience! Here’s what he said about it, via Red Bull:

“I felt like I was back in time in the shorts, long socks, hats…it was fun,” Bryant said. “If I can convince my teammates, maybe we’ll wear the outfits for a road trip next season,” joked Bryant.

Good luck with that one, Kris.

Bryant didn’t just try on the clothes. He also interviewed locals (and tourists) about baseball, which none of them were very familiar with. That’s not terribly surprising, considering that baseball isn’t very popular in that part of Europe. (Or in most of Europe in general.) That’s soccer country, so they really don’t have a reason to know baseball, or even who Kris Bryant is. For his part, Bryant seemed a little relieved that he was virtually unrecognizable in that part of the world.

The highlight of the video was definitely Bryant playing catch with a tourist. It’s snowing pretty hard, but there they are, in the shadow of a castle, playing catch with two gloves and a ball. I mean, why not?

Salzburg is also the home of the real life Von Trapp family, made famous by the Julie Andrews musical “The Sound of Music,” i.e. the greatest movie musical of all-time. Someone will have to ask Kris and Jessica if the hills were alive, or if the nuns were singing, or if children were in riverboats wearing clothes made of drapes.

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