Kourtney Kardashian Just Subtly Trolled Kim On Instagram, And It's Brilliant

kourtney kardashian trolled kim instagram
Kourtney Just Subtly Trolled Kim On InstagramClint Spaulding/amfAR - Getty Images

The Kardashian-Jenner sisters are pretty well-versed experts when it comes to the art of the iconic clapback, seen dropping all kinds of insults on each other over the years - from Instagram captions to Keeping Up With The Kardashians one-liners.

And while the family always wind up reconciling in the end, some of their shade-throwing can be truly savage (even if it is just meant as a joke).

The latest Kardashian to get involved? Kourtney, who just subtly trolled sister Kim in a new Insta Story.

The update comes as Kourtney teased her upcoming podcast appearance with host Amanda Hirsch, taking to her Instagram stories to share a first-look still from the episode.

Kourtney re-posted a pic from Amanda showing her sat in the recording studio, with a huge caption pasted over the shot, reading: 'THE MOST INTERESTING TO LOOK AT [sic].' Yes, remember this one?

If you're in need of a recap, KUWTK season 15 saw Kim and Kourtney getting into a now-iconic row over the family's Christmas card photo shoot, resulting in Kim calling Kourtney 'the least interesting sister to look at'.

Kourt has clapped back at the insult in the past, seen commenting 'most interesting to look at' on a 2021 photo of herself and Megan Fox modelling for Kim's shapewear brand, Skims. And, yeah, it doesn't look like she's letting this one go any time soon.

In March 2021, Kourtney opened up about the insult in a YouTube video with sister Kylie Jenner.

She revealed: 'Oh my god, I was literally crying,' adding, 'At the time, I took it really personally and was like, "Why would someone in my family say something like that?!"'

However, she went on to say that now the whole thing has turned into somewhat of a joke, explaining: 'Obviously, now I can laugh about it, and it’s become, like, a funny thing.'

Kourtney then called Kim on camera to settle the issue, with Kim heard saying: ;I don’t remember. That was such a low blow.'

We're sure these two both laugh about it now.

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