Kourtney Apparently Lost Her Damn Mind When Travis’s Phone Got Lost in Business Class on a Flight

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Photo credit: Photopix - Getty Images
Photo credit: Photopix - Getty Images

Kourtney Kardashian had a meltdown during a recent business class flight on Delta Airlines, according to another passenger on the plane.

So, what was the source of Kourt’s considerable stress? Apparently, everything took a turn for the worse when Travis Barker’s phone fell between their seats during departure, Page Six reports. Another passenger on the flight spilled all the flight anxiety details to the outlet, describing Kourtney’s supposed freakout.

“She got into a bit of a kerfuffle and was quite bratty. She was not nice and was very much acting like a child,” the source said, adding that Kourtney “was freaking out” and kept asking the flight attendant to give her “five more minutes” to look for the missing phone. “[The phone] fell underneath one of those crazy reclining chairs in [business class]. She was the one looking for it, and he was not moving. She was in the aisle and was even bending over and using the light from her phone to search for it.”

Just in case your own heart is palpitating over the fate of Travis’s phone, let us take a second to soothe your worried soul and let you know that his phone was eventually retrieved. How long that retrieval took, however, is apparently up for debate.

The Page Six source said the frazzled flight attendant ended up spending two full hours “dismantling” the chair to get Travis’s lost phone out, but a Kardashian source weighed in for the outlet to set the record straight, clarifying that “it only took five minutes to dismantle” the seat.

“She didn’t ask for five more minutes, and the flight attendant felt so bad for rushing her, she apologized and made an announcement to help them on the flight. The passenger is exaggerating,” the Kardashian source told Page Six to correct the record about Kourt’s alleged meltdown.

There’s no way to know for sure which version of the airplane story is closest to the truth, so let’s all just bask in one truth that no one in the universe disputes: how into each other Kourtney and Travis are. In honor of that Great Truth of the Universe, we’re just going to drop this clip of Kravis making out at Disney right here for your enjoyment:

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