How To Know Whether Another Stimulus Check Will Be Hitting Your Bank Account

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Although 2022 was the first year since the pandemic without federal stimulus, states across the country distributed payments to their residents last year through their own initiatives. Some payments took the form of property tax relief, while others were gas rebates, inflation relief or simply budget surpluses paid back to the taxpayers.

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Either way, millions received stimulus money, and at least 14 states are still distributing checks to residents who waited to file tax returns, applied late or got lost in the shuffle. In other words — many Americans still have money coming their way.

However, states across the country have shifted timelines, extended deadlines or otherwise revised their stimulus programs. If you live in a stimulus state but you’re unsure when or if you’ll receive a check in 2023, this guide will direct you to the right agency, online tool or phone number to find out.


Alaska will continue paying outstanding 2022 Permanent Fund Dividend (PFD) distributions through March. To check your status, visit MyPFD Application Search at


The remaining $200 to $1,050 payments from the California Middle Class Tax Refund were scheduled to be paid by mid-January. If you’re eligible for payment but didn’t receive a check, use the state Franchise Tax Board Middle Class Refund Estimator tool to see where you stand.


Coloradans who received an extension and filed their taxes by the Oct. 17, 2022, deadline will get their $750 rebate ($1,500 for joint filers) by Jan. 31. Visit the state Department of Revenue PTC Rebate page to check your payment status.


The deadline to apply for the Delaware Relief Rebate was Dec. 15, 2022. Use the Rebate Inquiry and Application page at to check your status.


Use the Idaho State Tax Commission’s Where’s My Rebate tool for information on payments you expect to receive for either or both of the two rebates approved last year.

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You can track your rebate on the 2022 State of Illinois Tax Rebates page through the state Department of Revenue at The rebate pays $50 or $100, depending on filing status, plus $100 per dependent for up to three dependents. Some payments, which began in September, are still trickling in.


Maine will begin distributing Winter Energy Relief Payment checks in late January and continue through March — 800,000 Mainers will receive $450. If you don’t receive your check by March 31, email


Use the Executive Office for Administration and Finance’s Refund Estimator tool to check if you’re owed a payment from the Massachusetts Chapter 62F Taxpayer Refund. Those who file a 2021 state tax return between Oct. 17, 2022 and Sept. 15, 2023, will get their checks about one month after they file.

New Jersey

Eligible New Jerseans will receive up to $1,500 from the ANCHOR homeowner’s relief program in the late spring. Use the New Jersey Department of Taxation’s ANCHOR Benefit Online Filing tool to search for your payment or call (888) 238-1233 for the Homestead Benefit Hotline.

New Mexico

New Mexico residents have until May to file their 2021 tax returns. When they do, they’ll become eligible for two rebates worth up to $1,500.

If you filed but haven’t received your funds, you can check on your payment by using the Taxpayer Access Point through the New Mexico Department of Taxation and Revenue.


Eligible Pennsylvanians were required to apply for the Property Tax/Rent Rebate Program by Dec. 31, 2022. You can check your status through the Department of Revenue’s Where’s My Rebate tool.

Rhode Island

In December 2022, Rhode Island began issuing Child Tax Rebate payments to those who filed their taxes by the Oct. 17 deadline. Use the Division of Taxation’s Child Tax Rebate Status tool to find out if you’re owed money.

South Carolina

Because of Hurricane Ian, South Carolinians can still be eligible for a tax rebate worth up to $800 if they file their 2021 returns by Feb. 15. Visit the Rebate 2022 page and navigate to the Check My Rebate Status button.


Eligible Virginians who filed a 2021 income tax return by November 1, 2022, can expect their one-time stimulus payment within four months. It’s $250 for single filers and $500 for couples. Call Virginia Tax at (804) 367-8031 if you don’t receive your payment on time.

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