Get To Know The Urban Casualwear Brand On The Rise: Rich & Rotten

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Rich N Rotten

Rich N Rotten
Rich N Rotten
Rich N Rotten

Los Angeles, CA, April 18, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Via Tomorrow’s Group -- Introducing Rich & Rotten -- the urban lifestyle brand with a purpose beyond high-quality fashion. Not only does the clothing line pride itself on its intricately handmade, slim-cut pieces, but it also sets itself apart from traditional streetwear by incorporating striking messaging that might aim to stir up conversation amongst some stigmatized topics.

Hamed Jalaly, the owner and head designer, founded his company Rich & Rotten in late 2012. The goal of the brand was to create pieces that told a story— the kind of story that embodied all of life’s riches beyond financial status, while still acknowledging the ‘rotten’ decisions and rough moments one needs to overcome in the process of reaching success. The messages behind the designs are meant to embody all aspects of life, as well as inspire, teach, or perhaps even making an impact on the people who come across it. The topics of the designs also vary depending on the conversations being had in modern-day society. For example, some of the recent pieces have brilliantly discussed the topics of racism, police brutality, and the Black Lives Matter movement.

One of the brand’s most popular designs features a homeless boy holding a cardboard sign that reads: “One day, the poor will have nothing left to eat but the rich”. Jalaly tells us the inspiration behind the tee is similar to the overall focus of the brand in regards to its brutality of financial riches. In essence, it’s meant to serve as a reminder that being exceedingly wealthy is not all there is to strive for. “There are more important riches in life like love, family, and happiness… Money doesn’t give you any of those things,” Jalaly said.

Due to the brand’s impactful messaging and high level of relatability, Rich & Rotten has set itself apart from its competitors, and in turn, has been a rising success since its debut 9 years ago. Prior to its online retailing, the line had already made its way into popular retail storefronts amongst Los Angeles, CA. Since then, the urban brand has been made exclusive to, and it can also be found at its flagship store on Los Angeles’s Hollywood Boulevard. What started out as graphic tees has now evolved into a full-out casualwear collection with polos, jeans, sweat sets, snapbacks, backpacks, and much more; not to mention their most recent addition of female merchandise. In addition to its consumer success, the brand has also been spotted on celebrities like Diddy, Meek Mill, Deray, and Ty Dolla $ign.

Rich & Rotten has also recently added a shoe lineup to its flagship location in early April. Jalaly tells us the plan for the future is to keep creating and keep growing— and, of course, keep inspiring people to reach for success while remembering it won’t always be an easy feat.

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