Do You Know a Friendly Future Maker

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Telecommunications giant, Telus, has launched a national awards program for Canadian young people dedicated to making the future, well, friendlier. Jill Schnarr, TELUS Chief Social Innovation and Communication Officer explains, “Friendly Future Makers are transforming their communities and planet for good, creating a positive impact, and ultimately, helping make the future friendly. From giving back to their communities, caring for the health and well-being of our planet, or helping feed those in need, we’re calling on everyone to join us in celebrating the young people making the world a better place.”

Youth can be nominated by another individual or they can nominate themselves, the only criteria for nominations is that the nominee must be a Canadian youth aged 13-19 who is not an immediate relative of a Telus employee or any of its subsidiaries. These youth who are aspiring to make the future a friendlier place will be entered to win one of six prize packs worth $7,000, which includes $5,000 for an RESP or to help fund their initiative, a $1,000 TELUS gift card (to be used on Telus products), and a $1,000 donation to the registered charity of their choice (telus approved register charity). The Friendly Future Makers Awards are open for nominations until September 26, and winners will be announced online October 24.

“The Friendly Future Makers Awards recognize our young, dedicated leaders who are not only making a meaningful impact today but also helping shape the world we will live in tomorrow,” said Jill Schnarr.

One winner will be chosen, by a panel of judges, from each of the TELUS’ social purpose focused categories:

● Connection Enabler: helping build human connections through being a mentor or volunteering at a local seniors home

● Community Builder: giving back to those who need it most by volunteering in your neighbourhood or through small acts of kindness

● Health & Wellness Helper: caring for the mental and/or physical health of your community through care packages or checking in on your neigbours

● Hunger Hero: helping to feed communities through neighbourhood gardens or food drives

● Planet Protector: giving back to protect the planet through picking up litter or recycling

● Future Friendly Maker: creating change in your community to make the future friendly, outside of the five categories or across multiple categories

There will be two (2) phases of judging. In Phase I, the Top 18 entries, three from each category, will be chosen by a panel of TELUS marketing representatives. In Phase II, the Judging Panel will determine six winners, one winner from each category. The Judging Panel will complete an online survey using the judging data from Phase I. The Top 6 entrants who receive the highest survey score will be selected as the winner(s).

Phase I of judging which occurs between September 26-28, 2022, will see the Judging Panel review all submitted entries and select three from each category, based on the following judging criteria:

Between September 29-October 4, 2022, the Judging Panel will complete an online survey that includes the Phase I judging criteria to determine the Top 6 winners, one from each category.

Winners will be contacted via phone and/or email and will have 4 business days to respond to the TELUS organizers. If the winner does not respond within 4 business days, the prize will be forfeited and another entrant will be selected. If the winner is under the age of 18 years of age, the TELUS administrators will contact the winners’ parent/legal guardian.

Winners will be announced on or about October 24, 2022 and their stories will be posted on and on TELUS’ selected social media channels.

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Carol Baldwin, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Wakaw Recorder