Kiwibots, the adorable food delivery robots, coming to Tarleton State in Stephenville

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Courtesy: Kiwibots

Tarleton State University in Stephenville has enlisted a group of adorable new employees: Kiwibots. And they’re the first campus in the state to have them.

The university has 30 of the little robots on wheels on its campus now to deliver food to students, according to a joint news release from Tarleton State University and Kiwibot. They’ll begin rolling around campus Thursday.

The robots, with screens on the front that depict eyes and the ability to speak and ask passersby (in a Wall-E-esque voice) for help with things like pressing crosswalk buttons, can deliver food to students with zero carbon emissions.

Students will be able to order food from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. on campus using the Everyday app on their phones.

Tarleton University President James Hurley said he’s proud of the 22-inch-tall food delivery AIs.

“To be the only school in Texas to have Kiwibots is a significant accomplishment,” Hurley said. “Now students can enjoy a panini or a fresh-baked pretzel without breaking up their study session.”

Students can pay a delivery fee per order or buy a subscription plan. The plans range from $40 a semester, which will give students 15 deliveries and save them an estimated $30 on delivery fees, to $159 a semester for 70 deliveries and an estimated $135 savings on fees.

The fee for single orders is $2 plus 10% of the order, per order.

A Kiwibot spokesperson did not immediately respond to a request for information on what restaurants will be eligible for delivery.