Kitschy Kittens Collide in Ashley Williams and Bluebella's New Collab

Bluebella just teamed up with British fashion designer, Ashley Williams, known for her bold and bright prints and quirky designs. Fusing Bluebella's lingerie expertise with Williams' kitschy charm, the result is a collection of underwear, nightwear and accessories.

Drawing inspiration from a shared vision of female empowerment and individuality, the collection features playful cuts and unexpected design details, with pieces crafted from fully recycled materials. Landing in a striking color palette of hot pink and white, complete with a nostalgic kitten print, the collection draws from Ashley Williams' juxtaposition of "edginess and elegance."

Speaking about the decision to partner with Williams, Bluebella's CEO and Founder, Emily Bendell, explains, "I have always loved the spirit of Ashley's work, as well as her energy and subversiveness with such uniquely British humour in it. Her work is so refreshing and playful while remaining meaningful. We have loved collaborating on this unique collection that is just as suited to wearing at home as it is to styling as outerwear."

The new collaboration comes shortly after Ashley Williams announced her very welcome return to London Fashion Week, joining forces with Fashion East for its XLNC programme -- aiming to support acclaimed alumni.

Take a closer look at the collection above, now available for purchase from Bluebella's website.

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