Kirsten Dunst Debuts A New Autumn Hair Transformation: The 'French Girl' Bob

kirsten dunst hair cut french girl bob
Kirsten Debuts Her Autumn Bob Hair TransformationGetty Images

While the long bob (aka, the 'lob'), the Italian fringe and of course, red hair are all still trending for autumn 2022, we now have yet another contender being thrown into the mix – and it may just take the top spot. Joining Kourtney Kardashian, Lili Reinhart and Millie Bobby Brown on their autumn hair refresh journeys is none other than Kirsten Dunst. Though, after having had a whopping six inches chopped off the ends, this may just qualify as a 'transformation'...

Although the actor is still yet to share a snap of her new locks on Instagram, her hairstylist, Marcus Francis came through with the goods – all praise! In the caption of his main grid post, Marcus wrote: 'The coolest [...] @kirstendunst looking gorgeous (and chopped 6 inches off ✂️💇🏼♀️) for the Bottega Veneta show for Milan Fashion Week.'

Now, admittedly, Kirsten's locks weren't hip-skimmingly long previously, however, there is a noticeable change – plus, six inches is a lot to chop off. To compare, here's a look at her chest-length tresses earlier this year:

Photo credit: Steve Granitz - Getty Images
Photo credit: Steve Granitz - Getty Images

And here, the 'French girl' bob after:

Right about now, you might be questioning what actually qualifies this a French bob rather than Italian, seeing as she is in Italy, after all. And well, it's simply the length. Traditionally speaking, the cut sits just above the chin and can go right up to the cheekbone – for those daring to. Usually, the length would also be accompanied by a thick wispy fringe but Kirsten is yet to go the full nine yards.

In terms of the style, Marcus has parted the hair to the side (a nod to Millennials) and curled the ends in soft waves. For the face, MUA Kay Montano worked up a subtle glam look, opting for a light black smokey eye and pinky-plum lip.

Thankfully for us, Kirsten was also spotted by paps leaving her hotel in Italy and making her way to the runway show. So, here's another look at the cut:

Photo credit: Arnold Jerocki - Getty Images
Photo credit: Arnold Jerocki - Getty Images

She certainly is giving what needs to be giving. Go Kirsten (and glam squad)!

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