Kinex Media, a Mississauga based e-commerce agency, acquires Infino, one of India's leading digital agencies

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MISSISSAUGA, Ontario, June 27, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Kinex Media, a Mississauga based e-commerce agency, made history on the occasion of its 10th anniversary with a huge acquisition move. Karan Sharma and Amir Waheed, co-founders of Kinex Media have always been driven to create innovative breakthroughs in their industry. They take the approach of starting internally and often nudge staff performance at the award winning e-commerce agency with their energy-packed words; "Don't simply read success stories, build your own!"

As the agency's 10th anniversary approached, they really did "build one of their own" by closing the acquisition deal with Infino, India's leading digital agency. Infino Group is an agency with a difference that's equipped with comprehensive technologies and high profile innovative strategies for driving customer success. The company brings this quality to Kinex Media to consolidate the latest processes and approaches. Kinex Media and Infino Group working together will be a force to help businesses develop campaigns driven towards brand growth, revenue upscaling, and customer retention.

"We are delighted to join forces with Infino Digital," Amir Waheed, co-founder of Kinex Media expressed joy over the successful acquisition. "We've been extremely impressed with both their digital capabilities and the strength of their management team. Globally, Kinex Media is building a strong integrated digital network and we're confident that Infino Group will provide the expertise and talent we need to deliver innovative work and added value to our clients worldwide," Amir noted.

Kinex Media of develops exciting e-commerce and web experiences for global companies such as Lastman's Bad Boy, Staples, Catelli, Caterpillar, Canon, Becker Shoes, and more. Kinex is a top B2B agency in Canada and a multi-award winner including two time recognition from Clutch as one of the "Top B2B Companies" in 2020 and 2021, and another Clutch accolade as "Canada's leading eCommerce Developers for 2022."

The award winning company has two locations in the Greater Toronto Area and a strong team of over 100 developers. Kinex Media is the best agency providing web designing and digital marketing solutions around the GTA with certifications from Google, Coursera, Udemy, HubSpot, SEMrush, Klaviyo, and Unacademy. The agency is also partnered with Google, Adobe Commerce, Bronze, Shopify, Facebook, and Klaviyo.

Infino Group, on the other hand, offers a wide spectrum of digital services including graphic design for web and mobile, bespoke technology applications development, online brand strategy consulting, eCommerce solutions, mobile sites and apps development, search and social media optimization, and more. Infino Group has boundless capacity to help clients achieve a broad range of solutions that deliver more to their businesses. The acquisition deal was completed to help Kinex Media build experiences on a global scale. Kinex Media operates a "Goal Meeting Strategy" that the integration with Infino Group will facilitate. This landmark acquisition is set to revolutionize Kinex Media in a way that impacts Kinex clients. As co-founder Simant Sharma puts it, Infino is "ahead of the curve."

The results anticipated from the acquisition are clear in his comments as follows;

"I believe this is a game changing event for Kinex Media. Infino makes us a uniquely positioned agency in Canada - one that is ahead of the curve in the disciplines that will matter most in the years to come. Infino Digital is a solid and proven digital player with great depth and talent. I am delighted to welcome the Infino team to the Kinex Media family."

The acquisition is a significant move in the direction that Kinex Media is headed. The agency intends to build a global footprint with ten more global offices on the way.


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