KineMaster Launches 6.0 Version Designed for Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

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KineMaster launched a thoughtfully designed app to help entrepreneurs and small-medium business owners to build their empires in the digital age.

Los Angeles, CA, May 18, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- In early May of 2022, the leading video editing app KineMaster - with more than 42 million monthly active users* around the globe - released its 6.0 version, designed to be an essential marketing tool for entrepreneurs and small business owners. The new app interface introduces downloadable projects made in partnership with production studios and content creators globally. The projects are easily customizable pre-made videos which allow users to replace media and create professional-quality videos utilizing their phones (both iPhone and Android), tablets (iPad and Android Tablets), Chromebook and M1 chip MacBooks.

If you’re not yet convinced video is the king of online content, it’s time to reevaluate. According to research conducted by the Marketing Insider Group, 86% of businesses indicated that they were using video as a marketing tool and 93% of them say it’s a critical part of their strategy. When investigating digital ad campaigns, there are multiple cases which show video content outperforming still images. Taking into account the fact that video is the most powerful content on the internet, KineMaster has developed a new approach designed to help small business owners and entrepreneurs everywhere who are in urgent need of content creation.

We will continue to expand upon our huge variety of content for our users over time. We evolved into a platform where users can actively communicate inside of the app, beyond simply using KineMaster as an editing tool. We are creating projects for every single business and industry out there around the globe on a daily basis. KineMaster is now your go-to creative agency, but without the big costs,” says KineMaster CEO Il-Taek Lim.

The KineMaster’s new Mix and Search functions allow viewers a snapshot of how many times a project has been downloaded and “liked” - offering direct links to projects and facilitating social sharing and collaboration between different users and devices.

The Mix feature allows users to swipe up and down through projects and tap a “heart” button to save them to their account on the Me screen. The Search tool provides a thumbnail feed that facilitates inspiration by category, guiding users to find projects that suit their specific business needs. The Create screen houses KineMaster’s powerful, full-featured video editor offering over 189,578 asset items including transitions, stickers, effects, clip graphics, music, and more. In-app tutorials are provided to familiarize users with the tools and features KineMaster provides. Users can save and share their videos to any platform, as well as export them as .kine files to share to other devices for ease of workflow. The Me screen allows users to create a custom profile and access their liked projects for easy inspiration at a glance. Every aspect of KineMaster 6.0 was designed to make the process of creating amazing business-focused videos easier, from generating ideas to the finished product.

Promoting your business through video content shouldn’t be a privilege for corporations with big advertising budgets. With KineMaster, you don’t need to pay for an editing studio– you can create professional marketing videos easily at a fraction of the cost. KineMaster offers an ever-growing gallery of customizable projects for different business sectors including restaurants, realtors, educators, corporations and marketing management.

About KineMaster: KineMaster has been one of the world’s leading multimedia software vendors for over 20 years, growing to more than150 dedicated employees. KineMaster features app localization and customer service support in 18 languages. By combining top-notch technology in video editing, media containers, and post-processing, KineMaster has now launched an innovative interface that makes it easier for users to interact. In the near future, the development team foresees the possibility of users sharing their projects within the app.

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* Source: Google Data Studio

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