What kind of sustainable traveller are you? Listen to The Standard podcast

There are many different ways to be more sustainable in your travel choices (Unsplash / Toomas Tartes)
There are many different ways to be more sustainable in your travel choices (Unsplash / Toomas Tartes)

Are you a fully fledged eco-nomad or merely eco-curious?

That’s the question being asked this week, as the fourth episode of the Evening’s Standard’s Sustainable Travel podcast series gets personal about what it means to be a more responsible traveller.

As hosts Juliet Kinsman and Jon Weeks reveal, there is significantly more than one way to engage with sustainability, and the way you do it says much about which tribe you belong to.

Take the 'Greener-Than-Thou Family’ – whose holiday of choice is to head off in their electric Volkswagen Buzz camper to off-grid camping booked through Canopy & Stars.

They’ve given up flying altogether — unlike the well-meaning better business travellers, who continue to clock up air miles but try to lessen the impact of their work trips in a variety of smart ways.

We call them 'B-Corp Bleisure Travellers’.

Both types of traveller are doing their bit in different ways, and both are just as valid as each other, as you’ll discover.

Perhaps you're wondering what a B Corp is — or 'bleisure' for that matter?

Jon and Juliet explain all, with the help of Zina Bencheikh of Intrepid Travel, who’s on hand to help listeners better understand why businesses with this accreditation are likely to appeal most to ethical explorers.

If you’re still unsure which gang you’re part of, then head to Anna Hart’s excellent companion article here which profiles six types of eco-travellers, and has some excellent suggestions for anyone wishing to join the party.

In part two of this episode, the podcast hosts are joined by Tracey Poggio.

The chair of ANTOR — the Association of National Tourist Offices and Representatives — makes an excellent case for a more responsible way of travelling, which is really about being respectful, and makes a compelling case for more destinations to learn from each about how to be more sustainable.

In next week’s episode, Juliet and Jon will be talking about which destinations will most benefit from your visit.

And they will be investigating what goes into making a hotel more sustainable.

Coming out for six consecutive Saturdays, these episodes of The Standard's short, snappy podcasts help listeners plan much more eco travel experiences and open minds to more mindful ways of seeing the world.

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