Kim and Pete surprise tourist with selfies on secret date

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Photo credit: Kim Kardashian - Instagram
Photo credit: Kim Kardashian - Instagram

A Dutch tourist got the surprise of his life when he spotted Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson enjoying a secret date in LA over the weekend. Paul Barewijk was exploring the city on a vacation from his home in Amsterdam when he came across the new couple at the famous Beverly Hills Hotel. Seizing the opportunity, he asked the pair for a selfie and was delighted when they agreed before slipping off so they wouldn't get caught by paparazzi.

Taking to his Instagram after the surprise encounter, Paul shared photos of his brief meeting with the 41-year-old SKIMS founder and 28-year-old Saturday Night Live comedian. Speaking about the moment he met the duo, Paul told E! Online that he had stopped by the SKIMS x Fendi pop-up boutique whilst out sightseeing, but was disappointed to find it was shut for the day.

"So I went further for my walk, looked at the beautiful mansions and walked to a park, then stopped by the Beverly Hills Hotel for a drink," he recalled. "After a couple of minutes, I called my mom. I was sitting at a bar, looking around while calling and saw Pete Davidson. But as I looked one more time, I saw it's [also] Kim Kardashian."

Paul continued: "I immediately stopped my call, and went to both. I showed her the pic from me stopping by the pop-up. She loved it and I asked for a photo. She said, 'Sure'." The tourist then explained how Pete took photos of him and Kim posing together, then she did the same whilst he and Pete posed together.

"He is great, cool and [Kim] looked absolutely stunning! Real glamour!" Paul added. "Then, a few minutes after the photos were taken, both left quick. I guess because they wouldn't get caught. They looked really happy, were chilling and drinking, looked in a happy place... They sat next and close to each other."

We wonder if Kim and Pete have seen the selfies on Insta?

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