Kim Kardashian’s Stiletto Clutch Is the Only Thing About Her Reunion Dinner With Kanye West That I Want to Discuss


There are lots of things to discuss about Kim Kardashian and her estranged ex-husband Kanye West's brief Nobu reunion for their daughter North and a gaggle of her school friends—but, if you don't mind, I mostly want to talk about Kim's sparkly stiletto clutch.

When I first saw the photos (which you can peruse on TMZ), I legitimately believed that Kardashian had suffered some footwear-related mishap that required her to remove a single shoe and carry it around like it's 2 a.m. after a college Halloween party. But no, the silver glitter-covered high-heel shoe is, in fact, a clutch bag, which you can tell by the zipper at the heel. I wonder what she’s keeping in there, since her phone, which is in her hand, obviously doesn't fit.

Speaking of ’fits, the rest of Kardashian’s ensemble was stylish and on brand. The Skims founder wore flared velvet pants with a black bandeau top that is secured in front with a plastic buckle—similar to the Miu Miu buckled crop top. She finished her look with a black, floor-length, faux-fur trench, pointed-toe black boots, and, of course, the shoe-shaped handbag.

Kim Kardashian and Ye had gotten together for this rare amicable dinner for North, who was accompanied by several of her friends. I couldn't tell you what they talked about, but at least North looks happy. Maybe her mom let her carry her cool stiletto purse for a little while.

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