Kim Kardashian Skipped the First Half of the Super Bowl and Arrived Just in Time for Usher

Kim Kardashian is officially at the Super Bowl to support her close friend Usher ahead of his halftime show performance. And to be clear, she was only there for the show—not for the game. By which I mean she skipped the entire first half of the Chiefs vs 49ers.

kim kardashian
The Daily Stardust/ CPR / BACKGRID

FYI, Kim has been pretty involved in the Super Bowl—not only was she one of the celebs Usher chose to help drop the announcement that he'd be performing....

She also collaborated with him on a Skims campaign that just dropped, AND
hooked up customers with a limited edition digital download version of his new album Coming Home with a bonus track called "Naked."

Usher told The Hollywood Reporter of the collab, "The idea started with the photo that is my album [cover], where I have the peach in my hand. We shot the reverse of that photo, which was the first shot that was released, and therefore, after, as I do support Kim, supporting Skims was the next step. It really was in conjunction with the album.”

He added, “She listened to my album. She’s, believe it or not, like a fairy god-A&R, just to give you at least an opinion. But we curated a very small group of people in Las Vegas. She listened to the album, and she was like, ‘I want to do something to be supportive of what you’re doing.’ And this was one of the things that we did as a result of our friendship."

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