Kim Kardashian just subtly shouted Pete Davidson out on Instagram

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Kim Kardashian just subtly shouted Pete Davidson out on Instagram

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson's relationship is well underway, with the pair taking exotic holidays and even their friends sharing seals of approval. Now, it looks like Kim is subtle shouting Pete out in her Instagram caption.

Kim and Pete were first linked in October 2021, when she appeared on Saturday Night Live. Once fans were over the initial shock of the unlikely pairing, they've watched them go on date nights, reference each other in interviews - and even seen Pete's giant hickey on his neck.

Now, it looks like Kim is back at it again with the subtle references - this time highlighting the letter 'P' in her Instagram caption. "Beach 🅿️arty," Kim wrote with a bikini photo, which was presumably taken on her recent holiday to the Bahamas with the SNL comedian.

Fans couldn't help but engage with the subtle Pete reference, with one writing, "🅿️erfect 🔥" and another putting, "🅿️retty Damn Hot! 😍" Others comments were less subtle; one said "More like PETE party" and "🅿️ for Pete? 🙊"

This isn't the first time Keeping Up With The Kardashian fans have linked Pete to one of Kim's bikini photos. In fact, earlier this week, fans were convinced Pete had taken a series of pics of the 41-year-old, thanks to a shadow behind the camera.

One comment said, "Me zooming in to see if that is Pete 👀👀," while another asked, "Kim, is that Mr Pete Davidson’s shadow??"

Now all we need is the couple pic.

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