Kim Kardashian fans have a surprising response to her office

Kim Kardashian has finally given fans a look inside the L.A. office she works from, and as well as being swanky beyond our wildest dreams, it's getting everyone talking about just how damn relaxing it looks.

Neutrals, wide open spaces and spa music all combine to make the SKKN office look like the most stress-free workplace in the entire world. Wearing Levis jeans, a white T-shirt and her hair in its latest ice blonde style, Kim explains why she wanted this to be somewhere "super calm and quiet" as well as a place "to see people at lunchtime and talk and hang out".

Describing it as "an open kitchen workspace", Kim shows viewers an amphitheatre, photo studio, glam area and showroom — each area more peaceful than the last. A combined office space for both her skincare brand SKKN and her shapewear label Skims, the office feels like it could be from a different world, with a Rick Owens alabaster bench just one small piece of neutral-toned decadence.

Fans are also delighted with Kim's demeanour in the video, with many commenting on her newfound sense of calm. "The new Kim is EVERYTHING!! She seems so relaxed and not so "stressed and anxious"," the most-liked comment under the video reads. "Love the new Kim so bright, sophisticated, fun and more relaxed" another wrote.

Surely this new office space has contributed to Kim's peaceful aura, because it is truly the most mesmerising space imaginable. We're not sure we'd be getting any work done there, but at least it would be a peaceful environment to get fired in.

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