Kill your stress with a few easy tips; sleep well, eat healthy and more

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Stress can have a harmful effect on physical and mental well-being. Many times, stress puts us into situations where an individual experiences tension and anxiety due to a variety of reasons.

With the impact of Covid-19, stress has taken a big toll on everyone by affecting the immune system, sleep pattern, blood pressure, heart health and much more than that.

According to recent studies, stress contributes to a wide range of conditions linked to mental health issues, including depression and nervousness. Here are some of the tips that can be used to de-stress yourself:

Below are few self-help tips to de-stress yourself:

Sleep well: If you sleep well, you wake up feeling fresh and rested. While following a routine, sleep allows the body to repair and be fit for the next day. If anyone wants to follow a good sleeping pattern, then they should avoid indulging in activities like playing games and using laptops or phones in bed.

Physical exercise: Exercise plays an important role in releasing stress and tiredness. Meanwhile, some research shows that regular exercise can reduce stress, depression and promote mental well-being.

Eat healthy: Eating is one aspect that no one should compromise on, but with work from home amid the pandemic eating right and eating on time has become a talking point. When we eat healthily, our body gets energy which allows us to be active the whole day. Also, eating healthy facilitates body weight and immunity which is associated with one's mood, behaviour and cognition.

Set up a routine for yourself: Following a routine every day will keep you focussed and balanced. Setting a routine will also allow your mind and body to stick to a fixed schedule and you can become the best version of yourself. With good vibes, a healthy diet and calm mind people tend to focus better in life.

Rest and relax: It is very important to take out time and do things that can relax our body. Meditation has an overall calming effect on the mind and body. The best way to keep one calm and relaxed is by doing yoga. This helps to increase levels of oxytocin which is a hormone known to surge bonding.



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