Kid catches foul ball with glove full of popcorn

On Wednesday night, there was a mini popcorn-splosion at Yankee Stadium. The New York Yankees were taking on the Minnesota Twins, and in the second inning a young fan caught a foul ball with a glove that exploded with popcorn the moment the ball fell into it.

The glove wasn’t made of popcorn (though that’s clearly something the world needs ASAP), but it was full of popcorn. You can see it in the image below.

A kid at a Yankees game caught a ball with a glove full of popcorn. (

It’s a fantastic catch! And with the popcorn exploding, it looks like the glove is creating its own special effects. But there’s only one reason this kid could have had popcorn in his glove: he was using it as a makeshift bowl so he could share popcorn with someone else. And honestly, it’s a great idea. If you’re sharing popcorn with someone and you don’t want to be constantly reaching into the same container, it’s perfect! You probably want to wipe it out with a napkin first, but otherwise it’s an A+ solution to the popcorn-sharing problem.

It’s definitely a good idea, but it feels like the second inning is a little too early to commit your glove to being a snack holder. Especially if you’re sitting on the edge of foul territory! That kid learned the hard way that a foul ball can come at you anytime, popcorn or not.

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