Khris Middleton silences Boston with game-tying 3-pointer at the buzzer

Until Milwaukee’s Khris Middleton grabbed the ball with half a second to play, TD Garden in Boston was ready to explode in celebration.

In the previous minute, the Celtics had made up for allowing a wide open three pointer to Malcolm Brogdon with a confidence clinic from Terry Rozier, who launched a step-back three to take a 99-96 lead with .5 seconds left. 

That should’ve been game. The fans in the arena certainly thought so and were going wild as they waited for the buzzer to make their Game 1 victory official.

Only Middleton got the ball at just past midcourt and was already set to shoot. All he had to do was let if fly and, boy, did he.

(Via TNT)

Which more or less elicited this reaction from every non-Milwaukee fan in the building.

As NBA fans have become well educated to do, all eyes in Boston turned to the refs, who were sure to review the shot to make sure Middleton got it off in time. It didn’t take long at all to confirm it, but there’s definitely some question as to if the clock started on time.

This could’ve been one of the great debates of the first round had the Bucks taken control in overtime, but instead Rozier’s brilliance powered the Celtics to a 113-107  victory, although a much more nerve-wracking one that it could’ve been.

Still, this is a shot from Middleton that should give Boston fans nightmares for years to come.

Milwaukee Bucks forward Khris Middleton silenced TD Garden with a game-tying three at the buzzer. (AP Photo)

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