Khloé Kardashian shares why COVID diagnosis was 'the hardest thing' she's 'ever had to do since being a mommy'

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On Wednesday, Keeping Up With the Kardashians posted a clip on social media, ahead of this week's new episode, revealing Khloé Kardashian tested positive for COVID-19 earlier this year.

During Thursday night's KUWTK, Khloé not only documented her physical struggle, but also the heartbreaking emotional struggle she endured due to the fact that she couldn't be near daughter True while she was sick.

Tristan Thompson, True’s father, cared for both their daughter and Khloé while the reality star was quarantined in her room. However, in between FaceTimes with Tristan and True, Khloé shared, "Hearing her laugh or hearing her say, 'Mommy, Mommy,' like, from the other room, my heart breaks. It's torture for me."

On top of not being able to see her own daughter, Khloé explained that she had to go as far as to hide from True, and on Twitter Thursday night, Khloé tweeted that it "was the hardest thing" she's "ever had to do since being a mommy."

"This is what I have to do to watch True and Tristan hang out,” Khloé shared while filming True and Tristan from behind a bush at a distance. “True and Tristan are over there and I have to hide, because if she sees me, she's gonna freak out because she's been missing me," said Khloé. "I don't get it. I felt like I was doing a little bit better. For some reason, I am feeling a lot worse. I am shaking uncontrollably, I can barely keep anything down. It's scary, not being able to be with your own child really sucks, because she doesn't know that it's for her wellbeing."

According to KUWTK, Khloé found out she had tested positive for COVID-19 on March 18. While the reality star is definitely in much better spirits today, back when she was still recovering, she had a very serious message.

"This virus has hit me like a ton of bricks," shared Khloé. She added, "And it's been really scary. It's been really hard. It's the first day I'm really able to speak without hacking up something. I feel so much better now, thank the Lord. But I want everyone to take this really seriously or it's going to spread and it will spread fast."

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