Khalid Evokes Gentle Kindness on New Single ‘Softest Touch’

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Screenshot-2023-03-31-at-1.15.32-PM - Credit: YouTube/Khalid
Screenshot-2023-03-31-at-1.15.32-PM - Credit: YouTube/Khalid

Khalid has dropped a new single, “Softest Touch,” along with a lyric video for the positive vibes-laden track. The video drops the musician into a colorful, fur-covered room, where everything is literally soft to the touch.

The singer sat down with Eddie Francis on Apple Music 1’s New Music Daily to discuss the one-off single, which is leading up to his next album.

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“I felt like I needed this,” Khalid explained to Francis of the song. “It’s been an interesting couple of years. I feel like everybody’s been a little bit confused and sad and under the weather, and so I just wanted to put something out for my fans that I felt was undeniably happy. There’s good vibes, good energy, just contributing to the world and giving people some love to hold onto.”

He added of its upbeat vibe, “I want to provide the summer nights, summer days into the summer nights, when you’re just with your people that you care about, that you love the most, and you just want to vibe, and you just want to chill. That’s what I’m here for as an artist.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Khalid confirmed that his next LP is coming “soon.” He confirmed, “I’ll be completely honest, this album has some of the best music of my career on it.”

As for why he has been slowly releasing singles instead of dropping the entire album, Khalid explained that there’s a method to his madness.

“I wanted to get the songs out that I personally feel like are on the cusp of making the album and keep those ones that I know for a fact are going to make the album just in that chamber until I feel like the time is right,” he said. “I’ve been working on music for the past three years because I really want to be extremely particular with what sound I put out into the world when it comes to my album.”

Last year, Khalid released several singles, including “Satellite” and “Skyline.” He also teamed up with Lukas Graham for “Wish You Were Here,” written alongside OneRepublic’s Ryan Tedder, and with Joe Jonas for “Not Alone.” His most album was 2019’s Free Spirit.

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