Kevin McKidd and Vinette Robinson in trailer for new ITV crime drama

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vinette robinson, kevin mckidd, six four
Grey's and Sherlock stars in ITV drama trailerITV

A first trailer for upcoming thriller Six Four starring Kevin McKidd and Vinette Robinson has been released.

The Glasgow-set series, soon to debut on ITVX, sees the Grey's Anatomy and Sherlock stars play Chris and Michelle O'Neill, a couple whose world is rocked when their daughter vanishes into thin air.

As McKidd's police detective Chris is confronted by a journalist who thinks his daughter's disappearance may be linked to a cold case from 16 years prior, Robinson's Michelle takes the search into her own hands thanks to the skills she acquired as an undercover officer.

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Both realise they may be dealing with something much bigger than they had anticipated when the daughter of the Justice Minister is also suddenly kidnapped while he is on the cusp of achieving a big election win.

According to the official synopsis, Six Four is a "dark and compelling story of kidnap, corruption, betrayal and an uncompromising search for the truth".

Alongside McKidd and Robinson, Richard Coyle (Fantastic Beasts), James Cosmo (Game of Thrones) and Alex Ferns (The Irregulars) also star.

"Greg Burke's scripts are real page-turners, as he keeps you guessing with every plot twist and turn," McKidd said in a statement when the show was announced last May.

"I'm delighted to be returning to my native Scotland and to be partnering Vinette Robinson as my on-screen wife, Michelle, and to be working with House Productions and ITV on what promises to be a compelling thriller."

kevin mckidd, six four
kevin mckidd, six four

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Meanwhile, McKidd has set the record straight on speculation suggesting he will be leaving Grey's Anatomy soon.

The star confirmed to that he has no intention to bid farewell to Grey Sloan Memorial and his character Owen Hunt for the time being. "I'll be there for as long as they want me to be there," he said.

Six Four launches on ITVX on March 30.

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