Kevin McCarthy endorses Donald Trump; says he would serve in Trump cabinet if he's the 'best person' for the job

WASHINGTON - Former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif, said in an interview that he’d endorse former President Trump for president in 2024 and would serve in his cabinet if given the opportunity.

McCarthy recently announced his resignation from Congress at the end of the year in a Wall Street Journal op-ed, saying he would serve America “in new ways” and promised to “continue to recruit our country’s best and brightest to run for elected office.”

He told CBS News’ Robert Costa in a preview of an upcoming interview to air Sunday that he expects Trump to be the Republican nominee.

Between a Biden-Trump rematch, McCarthy said he expects Trump would win in 2024 and that Republicans will gain more seats in the House and overtake the Senate.

"Can he count on your support?" Costa asked to which McCarthy replied "yes."

When pressed further on whether that was an endorsement, McCarthy said, “I will support President Trump."

Asked whether he would be willing to serve in a Trump cabinet, McCarthy said, “In the right position. Look, if I’m the best person for the job, yes.”

“I worked with President Trump on a lot of policies. We worked together to win the majority, but we also have a relationship where we’re very honest with one another,” he said.

At the New York Times Dealbook Summit last month, McCarthy warned Trump he’ll lose the 2024 race if he bases his campaign on revenge and said former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley would make a good running mate.

This article originally appeared on USA TODAY: McCarthy endorses Trump in 2024; says he would serve in Trump cabinet 'in the right position'