Why Kelsey Grammer’s fourth wife made him get rid of his first sailboat

Kelsey Grammer was on Thursday’s Late Night With Seth Meyers to promote his new movie, Like Father, which was filmed largely on a cruise ship. So the six-time Emmy winner got to talking about the first time he brought his current wife, Kayte Walsh, onto his sailboat.

Grammer said it was his “dream” boat when he bought it around the age of 32, about three years into his run on Cheers. But a few wives and many sailboat trips later, that dream has ended.

“She boarded the boat. She’s standing in the cockpit. I threw open the hatch, went down the ladder and I’m looking inside down below decks. And behind me comes this voice that says, ‘Have you ever had sex on this boat?’” Grammer said of Walsh, his fourth wife. “So I spent about, probably — what felt like an eternity, was probably 30 seconds — trying to run through every scenario that would be convincing that I hadn’t had sex on a boat I’d owned for 25 years.”

Grammer said that he ultimately answered, “Yes,” and Walsh drew a line and told him she wouldn’t go out on it. So he decided to donate the boat to charity. That was a happy ending, until Seth Meyers decided it wasn’t.

“When you donated it to the charity, did you let them know how much sex you’d had on it?” Meyers asked.

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