Kelly Rowland Reacts to Texting Nelly via Microsoft Excel in 'Dilemma' Video: 'Made Me Look Nuts'

The R&B star reflected on the puzzling viral moment from the music video for her hit 2002 collaboration with Nelly

Don't blame Kelly Rowland for trying to send a text message to Nelly via Microsoft Excel in the music video for their 2002 hit collaboration, "Dilemma."

In a puzzling moment from the Benny Boom-directed music video, Rowland attempts to send Nelly a message ("WHERE YOU AT? HOLLA WHEN YOU GET THIS.") on her cell phone through the spreadsheet editor software and appears annoyed when he doesn't answer. The clip has gone viral on social media several times — and now she's addressing it.

“Do you know how much flack I get from that?” asked the Destiny's Child alum with a laugh during a recent episode of Mystical Kitchen's Last Meal series after host Josh Scherer joked about the moment. "I'm so used to it now."

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Scherer then wondered if anyone on the music video set questioned the use of Microsoft Excel for text-messaging at the time. "No, and I’m actually mad at them that they didn’t because they made me look nuts," said Rowland.

After writing out the message in the "Dilemma" video, the R&B singer drops her phone and crosses her arms in distress. Today, however, she understands why Nelly didn't receive it.

"What did you expect? Because it’s just a draft, my dear," joked Rowland.

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<p>Barry Brecheisen/Getty; Nelly/YouTube</p> Kelly Rowland; "Dilemma" Music Video

Barry Brecheisen/Getty; Nelly/YouTube

Kelly Rowland; "Dilemma" Music Video

Around the song's 20th anniversary in 2022, a TikTok user made a video explaining that messaging is actually possible via Excel using advanced features — but that's not necessarily common knowledge.

Rowland has spoken about the viral "Dilemma" video moment before. During a 2019 interview on The Real, host Jeannie Mai asked her to explain why she attempted to send Nelly a message through Excel.

"Guys, so here's the sitch, OK? I don't know what that is. I don't know what Microsoft Excel is," admitted the Grammy winner. "I don't have a clue, so when I saw all these memes, I was like, 'I don't care.'"

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<p>Lester Cohen/Getty</p> Nelly in Los Angeles in February 2023

Lester Cohen/Getty

Nelly in Los Angeles in February 2023

"What is it? I don't know," added Rowland, before noting that the team behind the music video "thought that was a brilliant idea."

Nelly also addressed the clip in a 2016 interview on The Project. "That was the thing at the time. That was the new technology at the time. It looks a little dated now, I can see that," he said at the time, according to The Independent.

"Dilemma" was released as the second single from Nelly's Nellyville album, reached No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 and won a 2003 Grammy for best rap/sung performance as well as a nomination for record of the year. The music video holds over a billion views on YouTube.

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