Kelly Rizzo Shares Her Final Conversation With Husband Bob Saget

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Kelly Rizzo opened up about her grieving process and the final conversation she shared with her late husband, Bob Saget, in one of the first interviews she’s given since his unexpected death.

The comedian died on Jan. 9 at age 65, after performing a stand-up show in Jacksonville, Florida.

“Everything is a memory. Everything reminds me of him,” Rizzo told Hoda Kotb in a “Today” show interview that aired Thursday. “That’s been difficult, but also wonderful at the same time.”

Rizzo said that the couple’s last conversation ― which they did not know would be the last ― was loving and heartfelt.

Bob Saget and Kelly Rizzo arrive for the
Bob Saget and Kelly Rizzo arrive for the

“I think I said, ‘I love you dearly,’ and he said, ‘I love you endlessly,’” Rizzo recalled. “And then he said ― I said ‘I can’t wait to see you tomorrow.’ It was just all love.”

Rizzo and Kotb said that Saget always made sure to tell those close to him how he felt.

“Anyone he met and even spent any time with at all, he told them he loved them endlessly and tirelessly. And that was his entire message,” Rizzo said. “If you knew Bob, and he loved you, you knew it. There was never, ever a doubt in your mind.”

Rizzo also took solace in the fact that the comedian was out doing what he loved in his final days.

“He was just thrilled to be back out on the road,” she said, adding that Saget “was also very sensitive, and just all the weight of everything going on in the world right now, it was just weighing very heavily on him.”

“That’s why he felt more compelled than ever to make people laugh and bring people together,” she said. “And he did it up until the very last moment.”

Rizzo and Saget were married in 2018, having met three years earlier on social media .

Saget also has three daughters, Aubrey, Lara and Jennifer, who he shares with his first wife, Sherri Kramer. Kramer and Saget split in 1997.

The day after her father’s death, Aubrey Saget shared the final text she received from her father, apparently sent before he was about to give a performance.

“Thank u. Love u. Showtime!” he wrote to her.

The “Full House” star was found dead in his hotel room on Jan. 9 in Orlando, Florida, hours after performing a show as part of his nationwide stand-up tour “I Don’t Do Negative.”

No cause of death has been reported, though police have said that foul play and drug use aren’t suspected.

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