Kelly Clarkson performs a cover of 'Desperado' — by the Eagles, not, sadly, the one by Rihanna

And somewhere, Elaine's boyfriend Brett is out riding fences.

Kelly Clarkson came to her senses and performed a cover of the Eagles' immortal song about lone-wolfery, 1973's "Desperado" on her latest Kellyoke session.

Recorded for the band's second album, also called Desperado, the song was never released as a single but still became one the Eagles' best-known hits, with Don Henley crediting Linda Rondstadt's 1973 cover for popularizing "Desperado."

Henley also marked the composition as the beginning of his songwriting partnership with the late Glenn Frey.

In 1996, Seinfeld paid cheeky homage to "Desperado" in the seventh episode of the eighth season, "The Checks," when Elaine (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) dates a "generous and sensitive man," Brett ( James Patrick Stuart) who immediately gets transfixed when the song plays.

On a slightly unrelated, but still great, note, Rihanna had her own song called "Desperado" on her eighth —and at this rate, last — album, 2016's Anti. While not about riding fences, it's also an ode to lone-wolfery and ripe for a Kelly Clarkson cover. And not just because we'll take Kelly Clarkson covering anything. Though, of course, we will.

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