Keke Palmer: 'Motherhood has made me stronger!'

Keke Palmer feels "stronger" since she became a mother.

The 30-year-old actress has eight-month-old Leo with ex-boyfriend Darius Jackson and admitted that everything about herself has "changed" since he arrived and she has learned to love herself "a lot more" in the process.

She told Interview magazine: "[Motherhood is] amazing, exhausting. It changes everything about you. It’s made me a lot stronger and really love myself a lot more, because you want to be the very best you can for this person that deserves the best of you."

However, Keke recently accused Daris of being physically abusive towards her and now, according to legal documents obtained by People, he must stay at least 100 yards away from both Keke and their child for the time being.

When asked what she thought of "baby daddies, she did not mention the restraining order but played coy about the situation as she described becoming pregnant in a non-traditional method as a "fabulous" alternative to the traditional method of getting pregnant.

She said: "S***, we all got one. Unless you went the other route, which we all know is fabulous, thanks to technology."

Meanwhile, the 'Nope' actress shot to fame as a teenager when she was given the title role of 'True Jackson, VP' on Nickelodeon but went on to insist that childhood stardom is something that should "never" be actively sought out because it can "stunt" growth as she explained why she was recently "relieved" to have reached her 30th birthday.

She said: "[It's] sooky-ooky, and quite a lot to deal with. Child stardom is something that you should never seek, but if it happens, it happens. It can honestly kind of stunt you if you’re not too careful.

"[When I turned 30,] I felt relieved, first of all, because I’m still alive. I’ve learned from the 20s, which were truly overrated. Now I’m ready to enjoy the 30s and really dip into my bag and let all these b****** know!"