What’s keeping an Atlantic disturbance from developing? What the forecast says

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National Hurricane Center

A disturbance in the Atlantic won’t disturb anyone as development chances dim to near 0%, forecasters at the National Hurricane Center said Thursday morning.

Danielle will have to wait to be born.

According to the center’s hurricane specialist John Cangialosi, the system, dubbed Invest 97L, was roughly midway between the west coast of Africa and the Lesser Antilles in his 8 a.m. report. Shower activity has become limited.

The hurricane center had noted for the last couple of days that this disturbance, which would have been named Danielle had it gained tropical storm status, had been struggling to organize.

Cangialosi wrote Thursday that development is not expected because environmental conditions continue to impede its chances as the wave moves west-northwestward at 15 to 20 mph over the next few days into the weekend.

Upper level winds are expected to become increasingly troubling for would-be Danielle.

Development chances are near 0% over the next two to five days.