KC Potato Girl’s dream comes true: Look who’s sending Chiefs viral fan to Super Bowl

So, it wasn’t such a half-baked notion after all, that someone, someone, would invite KC Potato Girl — the Kansas City Chiefs fan who went viral for eating a potato at Arrowhead Stadium — to the Super Bowl.

It’s happening. Potato chip giant Lay’s is sending season ticketholder Nicki Conrad to Arizona this weekend for the big game.

“Lay’s loved Nicki’s dedication to potato snacking and her team! For that reason, Lay’s wanted to make sure she could complete the season cheering for KC in the stands,” a company spokeswoman told The Star on Monday.

“So, yes, Nicki will be at the Super Bowl simply to watch the big game, support her team, and continue spreading her love of potatoes!”

Last month, as her viral fame peaked, Conrad told The Star that “it would be amazing and a dream come true,” if she got to go to the Super Bowl.

“I have had several people mention I needed to be there, as well as several people offer to donate to a GoFundMe if it was started,” she said.

On Monday, she told The Star: “I could not be more excited to share my love of potatoes, Lay’s and the Chiefs at the Super Bowl this year all thanks to Lay’s!”

Conrad’s journey to viral fame began Jan. 21 when the Chiefs beat the Jacksonville Jaguars in postseason play at Arrowhead. A Jags fan spied Conrad snacking on a baked potato in the stands and mocked her in a tweet that scored millions of views.

Conrad responded as KC Potato Girl and won the internet to her side.

I caught you taking my photo as well. But I enjoyed a baked potato and a win. How about you?” she wrote.

KC Potato Girl won fans, from Golf Digest to burger chain Wendy’s, which serves baked potatoes, as did legions of sports fans across the country who defended her choice of snack. (She befriended the Jags fan, too, who has invited her to Florida the next time the Chiefs play there.)

The Chiefs noticed, too, attention that sent Conrad over the moon. “We love you as much as we love potatoes.” the Chiefs messaged her on TikTok, adding a potato emoji.

The public response was so huge that Conrad invited Chiefs fans to a free potato bar in the Arrowhead parking lot before the AFC Championship Game against the Cincinnati Bengals. Hy-Vee and Wendy’s helped with the food.

“Two weeks ago, KC fan Nicki Conrad went viral for enjoying a baked potato out of her pocket at a playoff game,” Lay’s said in a statement. “Potatoes are at the heart of everything Lay’s does, so we couldn’t help celebrating our shared love of potatoes.

“Lay’s is packing Nicki up with bags of her favorite chips and sending her to Super Bowl LVII as the official ‘Lay’s Potato Girl.’”

Six degrees of separation? Kansas City’s Paul Rudd starred with Seth Rogen in one of last year’s most talked-about Super Bowl commercials — for Lay’s.

Conrad has called the last few weeks “an experience I’ll never forget.” People know her now.

After the Chiefs beat the Jaguars, she went to Union Station and posed in front of the huge Chiefs sign there. People cheered for her.

“Oh my heart grew so big and I let a few tears roll down my cheeks when I got back to my car,” she told The Star. “It was amazing! I appreciate everyone’s love and support!”