Kayleigh McEnany's Sister Launches Dating App for Conservatives, Mocks Personal Gender Pronouns

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Kayleigh McEnany's Sister Launches Dating App for Conservatives, Mocks Personal Gender Pronouns

If you're over swiping right on dating apps, you could try swiping right wing instead.

Ryann McEnany, the sister of Donald Trump's former White House press secretary and Fox News host Kayleigh McEnany, announced the September debut of a dating app for conservatives called The Right Stuff.

The website declares the app is "for those who know traditional is attractive" and urges potential users to "connect with people who aren't offended by everything."

"What I love most about it is that it's invite only so not just anyone can join," McEnany, who worked as a social media strategist for Trump's 2020 presidential campaign, says in a video about the new dating app.

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McEnany, who competed in hurdles for the University of Florida, is now the digital marketing and brand communications strategist and engagement officer at America First Policy Institute.

Ryann McEnany, Kayleigh McEnany
Ryann McEnany, Kayleigh McEnany

Chip Somodevilla/Getty

She says in the video that the app is free to use — but there's a catch for a premium version.

"For my ladies, you'll never have to pay because we all get premium subscriptions for simply inviting a couple friends," McEnany says. "Gentlemen, if you want access to premium, that's on you."

Ryann McEnany
Ryann McEnany

Ryann McEnany/Instagram

In a nod to the app's conservative branding, she follows up the subscription info by taking a swipe at the use of personal gender pronouns. "By the way," she says, "those are the only two options: ladies and gentlemen."

Later in the video, McEnany tells potential users there are "no pronouns necessary" when building the "perfect profile."

A description of the app on the Right Stuff website says the conservative dating app "was created for conservatives to connect in authentic and meaningful ways. Other dating apps have gone woke. We bring people together with shared values and similar passions."

Former Trump White House staffers John McEntee and Daniel Huff co-founded The Right Stuff. Tech billionaire and investor Peter Thiel helped fund it.

"What we're doing has really not been done before. No one has built a high quality, properly funded app with a dedicated team," Huff told The Hill in July for a profile on the app.

"It's an important, underserved market," Huff added. "Liberals own the education, media corporations, and we can't let them control our personal relationships."

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According to The Hill, McEnany has been sliding into DMs of conservative women on other social media apps to promote The Right Stuff. She also spread the word in June at Turning Point USA's Young Women's Leadership Summit in Dallas, Texas, where an ad for the app was played.

In the video, presumably conservative women are chatting about bad dates they've been on with apparently "woke" men.

One of the guys — he's got long hair and is wearing an Earth Day shirt — says he doesn't want to have kids because it's "the worst thing you can do for the environment." Another man, who's wearing a yellow fanny pack around his neck, asks his date if she will pay for their ice cream because he left his gift card in another fanny pack. A third guy arrives on a bike and suggests that his date ride on the handlebars.

"No one likes bad dates," a woman's voice says in the spot. "Download The Right Stuff today and start going out with normal guys."

Huff said in his interview with The Hill that the app is "for all types of conservatives and all types of dating" but acknowledged that The Right Stuff isn't quite right for everyone because it's set up for heterosexual daters, which he said was the "core constituency" of the brand. He added that his team is looking at expanding The Right Stuff to include same-sex relationships "down the road."