Kayaker Documents Close Encounter With Minke Whale Off Cornish Coast

A kayaker who was paddling off the coast of Fowey in Cornwall on August 8 was thrilled to record the moment when a minke whale came close to him.

The video, by Rupert Kirkwood, shows a fin appearing near the kayak, as the whale partly emerges from the water.

Kirkwood told Devon Live that the whale circled around him for approximately 20 minutes as he paddled offshore. He said: “Whales are very difficult to spot because they just roll off the surface without a splash and then they go.”

“Many of the creatures come towards a kayak because it breaks up the boring monotony of the sea,” he said.

Kirkwood documented the experience on his blog, The Lone Kayaker, where he regularly posts updates of his adventures on the water. Credit: Rupert Kirkwood via Storyful

Video Transcript