Kawhi Leonard takes his family to Niagara Falls after championship parade

With the Kawhi Watch in full swing in Toronto, Raptors fans are reading the tea leaves for any potential signs about what Board Man might be thinking as he approaches free agency.

“He stay’’ has become a popular phrase in Ontario’s capital, but until Kawhi Leonard announces his decision, we’re left to try and decipher what clues — if any — we can find in reports such as this.

One day after the Raptors celebrated their first NBA championship in franchise history with an epic parade, the two-time Finals MVP was photographed in Niagara Falls, taking in the sights with his family.

It’s not quite Disney World, but Kawhi did say that he wanted to check out the Falls when he made an appearance on teammate Serge Ibaka’s cooking show “How Hungry Are You?” earlier in the season.

But I digress, because an extended stay in Canada after winning the championship has to mean he’s staying, right? I mean, he does seem to be pretty comfortable taking the best sights that Canada has to offer.

On the other hand, he could simply be taking advantage of an opportunity to check out the Falls since he’s in the area and may never have this chance again.

There’s a lot to consider, but the eternal optimist in me thinks an extended stay north of the border certainly doesn’t hurt Toronto’s chances.

He stay? Maybe, but we’ll have to wait a couple of weeks before we’ll know for sure.

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