Kawhi Leonard has a middle finger on his championship ring for a very important reason

We all know Kawhi Leonard is a unique person. Everyone’s favorite “Fun Guy” may have topped himself this time, though.

After Leonard’s Los Angeles Clippers beat the Toronto Raptors in his triumphant return to the city on Wednesday night, he talked about his championship ring with the media. Leonard received his ring during the pregame ceremony, and he revealed that there’s a familiar but unusual symbol inscribed inside the ring.

Yes, Kawhi Leonard has a middle finger symbol inscribed on the inside of his championship ring.

It’s easy to jump to conclusions here. Is it on there because he now hates Toronto? Or does he hate the Warriors? Or... himself? It’s a confusing symbol to have on a championship ring!

Thankfully, Leonard explained everything. As hard as it may be to believe, it’s completely innocent.

There is nothing more Kawhi than that. He has a middle finger, a well-known insult gesture, on his championship ring, but only to remind himself to wear it on his middle finger, which the ring was sized for. Sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction.

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