Katy Perry gets all hot and bothered by her new 'American Idol' crush

With Katy Perry's former crush, Trevor Holmes, out of the American Idol picture, Perry now has set her sights on a new crush - this season's resident rocker, Cade Foehner.

After witnessing Foehner's rockin' performance of Jimi Hendrix's "All Along the Watchtower," Perry's typical shenanigans ensued. Fellow judges Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan had to hold Perry back, as Perry stated, "I saw some things that my minister parents had to shun." And when Foehner shared with Perry that he actually is a minister, Perry responded with a big fangirl smile on her face, "You sure are a minister and you can preach to me anytime you want."

Perry eventually became so hot and bothered, that she stripped her jacket off and attempted to head toward Foehner on stage. However, Richie pulled Perry back, while telling her to pull herself together.

In the end, the worked up Perry acted as though she was going to faint. But before she could pass out, she managed to quickly give her critique… on his actual talent, of course. "I just want to say one thing really quickly before I pass out, 'cause I don't have very much air capacity left inside of me. I just want to say, whether you are number one, whether America chooses you, you are a star, and do not forget that, and just keep shining, honey. Bye."