Katt Williams Calls Out Joe Rogan’s ‘Racist’ Question


Katt Williams stopped by The Joe Rogan Experience this week, where host Joe Rogan wasted no time asking blunt questions about everything from Hollywood propaganda to vape laws in California.

During a discussion about government "control," Rogan gave Williams what he felt was an example of overreaching government involvement when he brought up California’s ban on flavored vapes. “Can you imagine, [lawmakers are] like, ‘Strawberry mist is our number one problem.’”

Williams then mentioned that the law also included a ban on menthol cigarettes, historically a flavor often chosen by African American buyers. “That was fine, but they let it also hurt Black people in that it counted menthol as a flavor,” Williams said—which prompted Rogan to ask, “Why do Black people like menthol cigarettes so much? What’s that about?”

The two men chuckled as Williams said, “You’re gonna get me canceled. This is very racist, this conversation.”

“A Black person actually getting ready to answer this—it’s terrible on all ends,” he said but explained, “Before things were called concentrate, that’s what we appreciated, [what] was concentrated.”

“There’s this whole thing with liquor and malt liquor and the difference between the two,” Williams continued. “One is richer and stronger and as a people, we tend to go with those products. And the fact that menthol is a natural thing, so anybody who’s from the South knows about mint plants—so you appreciate that as a flavor profile as well.”

The three-hour-long interview also included some eyebrow-raising comments from Williams about transgender people, which he discussed as a cultural trend rather than a matter of identity.

“20 years ago I knew that transgenders was gonna be a thing,” he said.“The earliest I had seen that word, transgender, was Baphomet, the transgender,” he said, referring to the Satanic deity that’s often depicted as a hermaphrodite. “So I knew that in the ritual of Baphomet, the transgender, to show allegiance to him you had to kiss his ass ring.”

Rogan’s contribution was simply, “We got some good weed, Katt.”

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