Kate Moss Testifies: Johnny Depp ‘Never Kicked Me, Pushed Me or Threw Me Down Any Stairs’

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Kate Moss appeared via live videoconference Wednesday to testify on behalf of ex-boyfriend Johnny Depp, and she didn’t hang around long. Moss knocked down an ancient rumor that Depp had once pushed her down a flight of stairs, and wrapped up her testimony in less than five minutes.

Moss, sitting upright in a smart blazer in what looked like an office setting from Gloucestershire, England, only answered a few questions from Depp’s lawyers and was not cross-examined by Amber Heard’s team.

She testified that she and Depp dated from 1994 to 1998, and was asked about an incident when she fell down an outdoor flight of stairs at a Jamaican resort.

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“There was a rainstorm,” she said, adding that Depp had gone on ahead of her. “I slid down the stairs and hurt my back. I screamed, because I was in pain … he came running back to help me and brought me to my room and got me medical attention.”

Depp’s attorney then asked whether the “Pirates” actor had pushed her, a rumor that has persisted for years. “No,” she said, with a dismissive flair. “He never kicked me, pushed me or threw me down any stairs.”

Depp’s lawyer then asked Moss whether she had ever testified for Depp before, and she answered that she had not.

“Why did you decide to testify today?” the lawyer asked.

Heard’s team objected to that question, which the judge sustained. With no further questions, thus ended the Kate Moss portion of the weeks-long trial that is swiftly coming to a conclusion.

Depp is suing Heard for $50 million, claiming he lost income because her Washington Post op-ed identifying herself as a victim of abuse defamed him. She is counter-suing for $100 million.

Heard’s team has rested its case. A string of character witnesses called by Depp’s team signals the oncoming conclusion of the trial, which is expected to end this week.

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