Kate Middleton Has “Healed Unease” Between King Charles and Prince William

She's brought the Windsors closer together.

<p> Danny Lawson/PA Wire</p>

Danny Lawson/PA Wire

Last week, sources close to the royal family shared that Kate Middleton and her father-in-law, King Charles, are developing a "close connection" as they both face cancer while also being royals and very much in the public eye. But a new kind of bond with the king isn't the only thing that she's building. According to sources close to the royals, Kate is also helping to heal a rift between her husband, Prince William, and his father. The Princess of Wales is reportedly bringing William and his dad closer together after multiple reports that their relationship "hasn't always been the easiest."

Royal expert Victoria Arbiter told The Mirror that Kate is a "healing balm" for the family and has been vital in bringing father and son closer together.

"I think we can look at Kate — she’s so close to her own family, family is so important to her. [Kate] has been a really wonderful healing balm for Prince William and his father, as well," Arbiter explained. "Because that relationship hasn't always been the easiest."

"I think she's just managed to bring a real sense of warmth and camaraderie and family to the royal family," she added before noting that Kate and Charles would naturally bond over their battles with cancer and that they "would have found tremendous comfort in each other, going through something so similar."

The Sunday Times added that since both Kate and Charles were in the London Clinic together earlier this year, the king "toddled" down to visit her.

<p>Aaron Chown/PA Wire</p>

Aaron Chown/PA Wire

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Charles also reportedly had a strong reaction to Kate's video message, during which she shared news of her preventative chemotherapy with the world. Sources shared that the day before the message was posted by Buckingham Palace, the king and Kate had a special lunch together.

"The king left his lunch feeling very emotional," a source told The Sun. "They are very close and he thinks of Catherine as his daughter. There is no doubt there is a lot they can share and can use each other for support during their own deeply personal cancer battles."

The king issued a statement shortly after Kate's, saying that he was "proud" of her. In a statement shared with the BBC, the palace said that Charles is "so proud of Catherine for her courage in speaking as she did" and remains in "closest contact with his beloved daughter-in-law."

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