Kate Middleton Is Getting Pivotal ‘Under the Radar’ Support from Her Parents and Siblings Amid Cancer Treatment

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Kate Is Getting Pivotal Support from Her FamilyWPA Pool - Getty Images

Kate Middleton is said to be leaning on her parents and siblings amid her cancer battle—and they're reportedly helping out a ton as she undergoes treatment.

"She has a really tight group of friends and, particularly in Norfolk, really close friends there. But I think the real anchors in her life are her parents, and her brother James and her sister Pippa," royal expert Katie Nicholl tells Entertainment Tonight. "While you certainly don't see them photographed together very often, they are very much there in the background. They are absolutely fundamental."

Nicholl adds that Kate "comes from a really solid, grounded family" and says, "Everything her parents did as she was growing up was about raising that family, keeping them anchored, showing them love and that's why Kate is the person that she is, and she's always so close."

While Pippa Middleton hasn't spoken out following her sister's announcement, James Middleton posted a sweet message of support on his public Instagram account:

Meanwhile, royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliams tells The Sun the following: "We know that she's got a very close and supported family, and secondly, that the support is under the radar. The Middletons are clearly a very, very important part of her and William's life. At the moment absolutely pivotal. I would say. We know that there is a tremendously strong bond between her mother in her parents, also siblings, and also that they live in close proximity or relatively close proximity."

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