Kate Garraway opens up on Christmas struggle: 'My dream is for the kids and I to see Derek on Christmas Day'

Katie Archer
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Watch: Kate Garraway shares dream of seeing her sick husband at Christmas

Kate Garraway has opened up on the heartbreaking struggle her family is facing this Christmas as they try to find a way of seeing sick husband Derek Draper.

The Good Morning Britain presenter was talking about Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s latest announcement that people should take personal responsibility and keep their family Christmas’s small in the fight against coronavirus.

Garraway, whose husband Draper has been battling to recover from COVID-19 for months, shared how the nightmare of festive arrangements has affected her family.

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She said: “I’m finding it really challenging.

Kate Garraway and Derek Draper (Jon Furniss/WireImage)
Kate Garraway and Derek Draper (Jon Furniss/WireImage)

“I’m finding it really tricky. I know it’s a slightly unique position I’m in, but it’s also not. Lots of people have got people who are vulnerable, in a hospital, who are sick with COVID or other things.

“Obviously, my dream is for the children and I to see Derek on Christmas Day in some way, the practical challenges of that is we have to keep really safe to be able to visit him and isolate.”

But Garraway is also worried about how to make sure their children Darcey and Billy enjoy Christmas in spite of the difficult year they’ve had.

She went on: “Also, there’s a question of if we’re doing that, can we have my mum and dad there?

“I want to avoid, if at all possible, just Darcey, Billy and I on Christmas Day, I think that would make Derek’s absence feel huge and the rest of the family’s absence feel huge.”

Garraway returned to Good Morning Britain on Thursday after a period isolating at home when her children came into contact with someone who tested positive for COVID, although she said she and the kids have tested negative.

Draper, 53, remains in hospital as he recovers from the virus which at one point saw him put into a medically-induced coma.

In Thursday’s programme, she spoke to ICU staff from the Whittington Hospital who had treated Draper when he first became ill and thanked them for their care.

She recently thanked co-host Ben Shephard for his support in recent months, as he paid tribute to her strength of character in the ordeal she has been facing.

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