Kat And Alex From 'The Ultimatum' Have A Big Life Update

are kat and alex from 'the ultimatum' still together
Are Kat And Alex From 'The Ultimatum' S2 Together?Netflix

Netflix’s breakout reality show The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On challenges couples to decide if they want to get married or break up for good after going through a dating “experiment.” That means they temporarily break up, date someone else, get back together, and then decide if this is a forever kind of thing.

Season 2, which is once again co-hosted by Nick and Vanessa Lachey, recently dropped, and it’s absolutely packed with drama.

One couple people are keeping their eye on is Alex Chapman and Kat Shelton. Of course, while watching, plenty of fans started wondering if they made it through or if they’ve called it quits. The finale and reunion episodes just dropped on Aug. 30, which means everyone is getting a lot of big updates from the whole cast. I'm talking babies, marriages, and "I refuse to wear my ring" scenarios.

So, what happened with Kat and Alex? Here’s what to know right now.

Who are Kat and Alex?

Kat and Alex met on a dating app. She’s a travel nurse; he’s in software sales. Netflix says he “relentlessly pursued her online” before they started dating.

The two have traveled a ton together, but they have some issues. Mainly, Kat tries to avoid conflict and usually leans on Alex for decisions, while Alex says he wants to be challenged more. Finally, Kat told him that she’s ready to get married. The ultimatum was issued, and they landed themselves a spot on the show.

What happens during the first few episodes?

Per the show’s formula, Kat and Alex both pick other cast members to have a “trial marriage” with for three weeks. Kat partnered up with Antonio Mattei and Alex paired up with Antonio's ex, Roxanne Kaiser.

Kat and Antonio clearly did not have any chemistry—they slept in separate rooms and spent a lot of time talking about Antonio's feelings. But Alex and Roxanne hit it off and talk a lot about how well they challenge each other. Still, things get dicey when Alex tells Antonio that Roxanne doesn’t "respect" him, and that he's her "whipping boy." Yikes. Roxanne freaks out and tells Alex he stepped out of line.

Kat, for her part, asks Antonio not to call her ex-boyfriend a "shitbag" and says he's not judging him fairly.

By the time proposals come around, Alex seems to have reconsidered his relationship with Kat and appears ready to take them next step. “I have to make the biggest decision of my life,” Alex says in a finale preview. “Once you make it, you’re in. Like you have to be all-in and you have to stay all-in. It’s make or break.”

Are Kat and Alex still together today?

By the end of episode eight, Kat and Alex reconcile, and it seems like things are headed in the right direction. Alex gives Kat props for being confident; She says she’ll be more assertive, including asking Alex to show his emotions more.

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During The Ultimatum season 2 finale and reunion, Alex gets down on one knee and proposes to Kat. She says yes, and is super, super psyched. At the reunion, the couple shares that they're planning to get married on May 10, 2023, and even hand Vanessa and Nick Lachey a save-the-date at the end.

BTW, with all the drama between Roxanne and Alex, and Kat and Antonio, Kat totally holds her own at the reunion, staying calm, cool and collected, when Roxanne starts to go after Alex and egg Kat on.

To watch the full second season of The Ultimatum, you can catch it streaming on Netflix now.

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